Mua Deaf School
  in Malawi
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About Malawi

Malawi was cast into the spotlight when Madonna adopted two local children – David and Mercy. It’s a beautiful country known as the warm heart of Africa. Extremely diverse and very safe, despite living in grinding poverty, the people of Malawi are very friendly and welcoming.

Sadly, while absolute poverty around the world has halved over recent decades, it has barely fallen in Africa. As a graphic example, about two-fifths of the population of sub-Saharan Africa have to survive for a week on what someone earns in the UK in just one hour on the
minimum wage. Village houses are made of mud and thatch and few have piped water or electricity. Fewer than one in ten Malawians have access to electricity. Water is collected from wells and cooking is done over an open fire.

Lake Malawi (also known as Lake Nyasa) dominates the country and is an impressive 50 miles across at its widest point. It slices through 400 miles of the Great Rift Valley. The lake covers an area of 11,500 square miles and is home to colourful fish known as cichlids.