Mua Deaf School
  in Malawi
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Real hope and a fulfilling future

Founded by Catholic brothers in 1984, the Mua Deaf School is one of only four such schools in the entire country. It was originally funded from the brother’s own Dutch pensions and of course new funding is now vital. Over 170 pupils, aged between seven and their early twenties, live at the school. They come from all over Malawi to learn how to read, write and sign. This gives them the life skills they need to find their place in society.

The Malawian government pays the salaries of teachers and contributes to running costs. But the money comes sporadically and often many months late. This means the school lurches from financial crisis to financial crisis.

The school also receives some help from the World Food Programme – which gives the children a midday meal of maize porridge called Nsima. However this is not enough to support active, growing children. All too often the sisters have no more money for food and have to send the children home before the end of term.

Students have the same curriculum as in other Primary Schools. Learners are enrolled at the age of 6 and they spend 4 years at the pre-school where they acquire skills in speech reading, auditory training, number work, reading, writing, speech drills and speech training. After 4 years, learners move into the Primary Main School where they spend 8 years and take their Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations.

Recent school successes:

  • In 2015, out of thirteen students who sat for the PSLCE, all were selected to attend various secondary schools
  • Crafts made in the needlework classes have been sold to generate income that contributes to school costs
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Teachers at Mua Deaf School 2015-16
Teachers at Mua Deaf School in 2015-16

Alisoun Probert teaching origami
Alisoun teaching the children origami