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New sewing machines delivered
Date: 29 Mar 2021

After fundraising efforts to buy additional sewing machines for the tailoring class, today
10 new Singer sewing machines have been purchased and delivered to the Mua Deaf School. All student now have their own machine during the lessons!

Pupils with sewing machines 1 Pupils with sewing machines 2
Girl with sewing machine Boy with sewing machine

New supplies for tailoring class
Date: 30 Nov 2020

In preparation for the 2020/21 school year, Friends of Mua provided the Tailoring Class with supplies of cloth,
sewing accessories and spare parts for sewing machines. Not only girls learn to sew, but boys also.

New supplies for tailoring class


New donation from St Francis Parish
Date: 30 Nov 2019

In November 2019 a Catholic group called St Francis Parish donated some food items to our deaf students.

Delivery of food items from St Francis Parish 

New donation from Lions Club
Date: 18 Aug 2019

The Lions Club of Norway have very kindly donated  137 mattresses, 202 mosquito nets and 202 blankets to Mua Deaf school!

Lions Club of Norway donation

"Friends of Mua" visit the school
Date: 21 Oct 2018

In September four of us from "Friends of Mua" (Tiina, Triin, Niki and Kevin) visited the school at the start of the semester. We were pleased to spend a week with our good friends in Malawi, to meet the Headmaster Henry Chiwaya and many of the teachers, who are all doing a wonderful job teaching deaf learners and we enjoyed the drum and dance that some children put on for us. We also met the sisters who look after the children in the hostels. We brought gifts including toys, games and food. THANK YOU to everyone at Mua for your hospitality. We were sorry to leave and look forward to our next visit!  

2018 Mua visit1 2018 Mua visit2
2018 Mua visit 3 2018 Mua visit 4
2018 Mua visit 5 2018 Mua visit 6

New donation from Dengabay praise team
Date: 29 Nov 2017
Thank you Sengabay praise team for donating clothes, 26 bags of sugar, soap for all the learners, 20 litres of cooking oil, 1 bag of rice, 20kgs of usipa (small fish relish) and 20 kgs of beans.  The praise team from the Sengabay Church of Central Africa Presbyterian in Salima also organised activities at the school and the picture shows learners performing a dance. 
Sengabay praise team 1 Sengabay praise team 2
Sengabay praise team 3 Sengabay praise team 4

Norwich Dedza Partnership donates more IT equipment
Date: 14 Nov 2017
Representatives of the Norwich Dedza Partnership recently made another visit to the School (for their previous visit see news 12th June 2016).  They met Jailosi Gama the deputy head and Maurice Manda the IT teacher. They left three Notebook computers, two general purpose machines and one with hearing test software installed. They were shown some computers which a team from Glasgow donated last year. Currently the school has 12 working desktop computers, one non-working desktop computer and the three Notebooks donated by the Norwich Dedza Partnership.  „Friends of Mua“ will be very grateful for donations to enable us to buy sets of print cartridges for the school’s HP364 printer.

Autumn term donation
  Date: 1 Oct 2017        
Another donation of 200 kg of beans was delivered to the sisters in time for the beginning of the autumn term.  Earlier this year a larger donation enabled the Parish of Mua to purchase and store enough maize to meet most of the school’s maize shortfall for the coming year.  Please continue to donate so that we can buy more beans, rice, salt, cooking oil and chicken! 

Mua students perform well in exams
Date: 24 Sept 2017      
Standard 8 students who took their National Examinations this year have performed well. There were 19 students in Standard 8 and all of them have been given places at various Secondary Schools.

September donation

Date: 26 Sept 2016      
In September more supplies donated by our supporters were delivered to the children -
200 kg. beans; 75 kg. bonya (dried fish);
20 l. cooking oil; 4 kg. salt; 20 kg. sugar; 90 tablets soap
September donation

Donation of cooking oil and beans received
                                                                                                                                                                                                Date: 3 July 2016
          In June, the sisters who look after the children received 20 litres of cooking oil and 200 kg of beans provided by our donors.
Donation of cooking oil and beans received Letter of thanks
      Donation of cooking oil and beans received

Visit by Norwich Dedza Partnership
Date: 12 June 2016
A delegation from the British town of Norwich, the Norwich Dedza Partnership, visited Mua in May 2016, they were shown around the school by Deputy Head Jailosi Gama and the IT teacher Maurice Manda. They met some of the students and one of the deaf members of staff. Everyone at the school was very hospitable and welcoming! The delegation were shown the computer room and they discussed the school’s computer needs. They looked at the hearing assessment equipment the school has and gave a demonstration of a hearing test program on a laptop. The delegation donated some books for the library and a number of computer programs plus a modern lightweight laptop with the test program installed on it so that hearing assessments can be made in the school and in the community.

We the Friends of Mua would like to add our thanks to Norwich Dedza Partnership for their visit and practical support for the school.  You the reader can help too by making a small donation –go to our “contact us” page to see how.

More about the Norwich Dedza Partnership:

New donation of food from Estonia
 Date: 26 March 2016          

BK Eesti Ltd has made another donation which was used to buy 20 bags of maize for the children of Mua Deaf School - see photos below.

New maize donation Maize thank you letter
New maize donation

  Mua get free internet connection

Date: 6 March 2016

In August 2015, Skyband made a commitment to donate a free Internet connection to Mua School for the Deaf – and now it’s finally happened. They’ve been working with Source IT Solutions, Keepod, W Cary Edwards Foundation, Outernet and Capital FM to ensure the installation was a success.

Maurice Manda, the school’s IT teacher, was taught how to install an Outernet Lighthouse device to enable a one-way data stream to the school from space. This installation is connected to the school computer lab where it’s now accessible on all computers.

The equipment needed for the connection was donated by Skyband and Source IT. In addition, Source IT, Keepod and W Cary Edwards Foundation have donated one Keepod device to all learners and teachers at the school. This means they now each have their own personal, private devices.

Two Keepod ready laptops have also been donated to enable a student ratio of 25 learners to one laptop. The good news is that Keepod is also compatible with all their other recently donated computers. Capital FM and STEKA donated the laptop bags.

Learners and teachers are now able to access and learn from the content being sent over the Outernet broadcast. As a certified Outernet installer, Maurice Manda will help connect another deaf school in Badawe, central lakeshore region.

Mua School for Deaf Children is now a certified Keepod Point. This will allow them to offer the local community access to the internet for a small fee.

Follow @Muadeafschool on twitter as their internet connection goes live.

For more information see:

    Mua School for the Deaf - happy they can now make more connections
Mua School for the Deaf - happy they can now make more connections
Khumbo, standard 6 deaf learner, using Keepod to read books on the outernet electronic library  
Khumbo, standard 6 deaf learner, using Keepod to read books on the outernet electronic library

Thanks to donor support there is a new assistant carpentry teacher at Mua Deaf School

Date: 16 November 2015

After a break of several years, Mua Deaf School is once again able to teach practical carpentry skills to students, thanks to financial support from the Southern Hills Church of Christ in Buda, Texas.  A team from the Church visited Mua in September, when their proposal was welcomed by headmaster Mr George Nanthiko.  The carpentry teacher Mr Collins Mbewe arrived to take up his duties in November 2015. Collins is himself a former student of Mua Deaf School - which will enable him to serve as deaf mentor and role model for the deaf boys.

Although teachers’ salaries at the school are government-funded, there is no direct provision for assistant teachers, whose salaries have previously been found in haphazard fashion from the general overheads budget.  For over a year the Southern Hills Church of Christ has been funding the salary of another assistant teacher, Ms Chrissy Siwinda who teaches needlecraft to the girls and is herself deaf.  Thanks to this generous support, the school is now able to offer good practical skills to all students in addition to basic education.

The Church of Christ team were also able to fund and arrange delivery of additional maize to the school, which together with previous donations means that the basic food needs of the school will be met until the end of the second term (to March 2016). More support is still needed to guarantee food supplies to the end of the school year so your donation will be welcomed – just follow the donate link.

If you would like to read about the Church of Christ team’s visit to Malawi, their blog is here. This was the team's third visit to Malawi and to Mua School, having visited previously in 2011 and 2013.

Woodworking classroom at Mua showing the previous carpentry teacher (photo taken in 2012)
Woodworking classroom at Mua showing the previous carpentry teacher (photo taken in 2012)

Two student hostels at Mua refurbished with Dutch help
Date: 10 November 2015

Last winter two of the student hostels at Mua were rebuilt by the Brothers FIC, the Catholic brothers who established Mua Deaf School in 1984. The Dutch Stichting Dovenzorg Malawi (Care Foundation for the Deaf, Malawi) has now furnished them and provided extra furniture for the school as well. In addition to helping Mua Deaf School, the Dutch Care Foundation are involved in supporting infrastructure projects at Mary View Deaf School near Blantyre in the south of Malawi. (website in Dutch)

Mua takes 1st and 2nd place at Zwakala Gala 2015
Date: 30 March 2015

Mua Deaf School took part in the Zwakala Africa 2015 Gala Event, an annual performing arts competition for schoolchildren within the Deaf community. Altogether 88 children from 11 countries performed on stage at the John Kani Theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa on 27 February 2015. Mua Deaf School represented Malawi and won the first place in Individual Musical Performance category and came second in the Individual Talent category.  

DTV presenter Thabo Ntatlo
DTV presenter Thabo Ntatlo
Miss Earth and Miss Deaf SA
Miss Earth SA and Miss Deaf SA  
Mua represents Malawi in breakdance
Mua represents Malawi in breakdance  
Mua won in the Individual Musical Performance category
Mua won in the Individual Musical Performance category

Mua represents Malawi
Pupils: Shukurani Abudu, Elliot Chakwala, Henry Chiwande, Mandatiya Levison, Costance Livuza, Ayana Chiseri, James Phiri and Mphatso Nthobwa
Teachers: Maurice Manda and Ireen Mambo

The water is flowing again at Mua Deaf School
Date: 2 March 2015

A very big thank you to those of you who supported our 2014 appeal to pay the electricity bill to keep the water pumping. We raised enough money for electricity to be reconnected to the school, so the whole school has water and the children have electric light after sunset, which is important for them because in their dormitories they rely on the light to see each other’s hands to sign and communicate. A little help goes a long way in Malawi.

No water or electricity at Mua

Date: 28 October 2014

For the past four months, Mua Deaf School has received no funds from the Malawian Government. As a result their financial resources have dwindled. And for the last two months they have been unable to pay their electricity bill. As a result, the water pump many of you helped to buy in 2013 cannot run, leaving the whole school without water.

No toilets or showers
The children cannot use the toilets, have a shower or wash their hands. Instead they have to physically draw water from the local borehole. However, as this is a communal resource there are often long queues, making this chore even more time consuming. Often, the students are late for class. 

Enforced solitude
When night falls the school is left in total darkness. For deaf children this is even more distressing – because they rely on the light to see each other’s hands to sign and communicate.  

Please give as much as you can
We need to raise at least 500,000 MWK, which will not pay the entire bill for the school (it is about half of the current debt) but should be enough to persuade Escom to reconnect the supply. That sounds like a lot – but it’s just: €860 or US $1,090 or 675 sterling or Australian $1,230. So please give generously. Every penny you donate will be sent directly to Malawi to be used for the benefit of the deaf pupils.
For four months, Mua Deaf School received no funds from the Malawian Government. As a result their financial resources dwindled and for two months they were unable to pay their electricity bill. As a result, the water pump many of you helped to buy in 2013 could not run, leaving the whole school without water.